FREE GUIDE: Talk less, teach more! Put your learners on the fast track to success.

Using the science of learning you'll learn how to:

Break teaching down into achieveable parts
Tell your learner with clarity and simplicity what you want them to do next
Communicate without nagging or reminding
Reinforce promptly and effectively without being sugary sweet and annoying
Empower the learner to participate more in their own learning

Hey there! We are Joan and Theresa, the founders of TAGteach international.

TAGteach was founded in 2002 when Theresa and I came together to apply the principles of clicker training to teaching gymnastics. I was working with the Special Olympics team in Ontario, Canada and Theresa was the coach for the Junior Olympic team in North Carolina. 

Although neither of us were using a marker symbol (like the clicker) at the time, we were able to apply the same shaping techniques we were using to teach animals and boy did it work! 

We saw a major shift in our learners attitude, happiness and willingness to learn and try new things. We get better and better at breaking down behaviours that we wanted into small, achievable steps so our learners had the best chance of success and in turn they had more fun, no longer worried about making mistakes and best of all, they improved faster! 

Repeating ourselves over and over again became a thing of the past and teaching started becoming way more fulfilling. 

Since then, TAGteach has boomed all over the world and we have seen life changing results throughout many different fields including:

Dog trainers to dog trainers
Special needs teachers and parents
Behavior analysts worldwide
Training orthopedic surgeons
Sports coaching

TAGteach has changed the world of teaching with positive reinforcement and we can't wait to hear how you put it into practice.