As a teacher, coach, parent or instructor of any kind, do you ever feel like you're looking into a sea of blank faces, or find yourself repeating instructions time after time or dare we say it... nagging (gasp!)? 

What you need is a way to streamline communication between you and your learner, so that they can get it right and build on success after success.

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To learn about the 4 key characteristics of the perfect learning goal (we call it a tag point). 

You'll learn how to create instructions that are:

Crystal clear

So that your learner can get it right faster, with less frustration and more fun!

Tired Of Nagging? Your Learners Are Tired Of It Too!

TAGteach offers a solution by providing a simple approach to creating clear, streamlined communication between you and your learner, while involving them as a more active partner in their own learning.

So you can eliminate nagging and get better results, faster!


A key element of TAGteach is the tag point. In this mini-course you'll learn how to craft the perfect tag point (also known as a learning goal). 

You'll find out the 4 critical components of the perfect learning goal so that you can start supercharging your teaching and getting more success right away.

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