Level 1 TAGteach Certification

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Learn to talk less, teach more and create perfect teaching goals, whether you're a teacher, coach, manager or parent. Watch your learners succeed faster and more easily than ever before. Say goodbye to blank stares, repeating the same thing week after week and (gasp!) nagging. Create a learning enviroment that is full of positive reinforcement and fun.

We invite you to become part of the TAGteach community and earn your TAGteach Level 1 Certification from the comfort of your own home with this self-study online course.

What Will You Learn?

You'll learn to break teaching goals into managable pieces, teach in small chunks, give clear instructions with very little talking and reinforce your learners' success immediately and effectively.

You'll get to practice your skills so that you'll be able to apply the TAGteach principles right away to get very quick results with your learners.

How Will This Benefit You?

You’ll be able to create laser focused instructions, provide timely and informative feedback, and create a positive learning environment for you and your learners. Your learners will experience fun and success and they'll be motivated to learn more with you. You'll have fun too. You'll love your teaching time even more!

Course Duration, Cost and Equipment

You complete the course at your own pace and from wherever you have internet access. The course takes approximately 9 hours to complete not including the time for the home exercises and to read  the reading materials. 

The cost ($400) is paid by credit card or paypal. This includes the Level 1 Certification.

There are no extra fees for text books or supplemental materials. You will need a "tagger" (also known as a clicker - available at many pet supply stores). You need to have internet access. Access to a printer may also be helpful if you are not comfortable reading online. Once enrolled, you have unlimited access to the course for as long as we keep the course going. This course works on all mobile devices.

A Powerful and Simple Approach

The simplicity and power of this approach are remarkable. The extent to which the Founders of this movement have been able to continuously adapt, improve, and apply this simplistic approach to new and different populations and applications is stunning.

Dr Carl Binder, CEO - The Peformance Thinking Network, LLC


I strongly recommend this

"This was an excellent course! The content was very clear and the format was easy to use. The videos, practice exercises and worksheets combined to make the online learning experience much like an in-person, hands-on class. 

The material is consistent with the current research and practice in the science of human behavior. I strongly recommend this training to anyone in a position to teach others or help them to develop beneficial habits!"

Laraine Winston BCBA, LMHC

Exceptional Teaching

"The content presentation is excellent, the videos wonderful. The course and concepts deserve all the support that can be given."

Jill Kolar – School Teacher (retired)

I had so much fun participating in the TAGteach Online Course!

"The layout is extremely well-organized and very user-friendly. The content of each Lesson is excellent, while watching and practicing TAGteach skills along with each engaging video and interactive worksheets. I refer to the handouts frequently while developing my own personal and professional goals and success points. Thank you for bringing TAGteach to an online course."

Laura Monaco Torelli, CPDT, KPACTP - Animal Behavior Training Concepts and Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior, Student Application Coordinator

Improve Your Instruction

I highly recommend the course if you are wanting to more effectively and efficiently improve your instruction with clients.

Julie Barber

Amazing Course

"I appreciate the behavior analytic approach, as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. I love the application of practice and guided instruction within the online class format, and thought the videos were very helpful (since I was unable to attend a live training)."

Robin Arnall, BCBA

I love the online course!

"It is clear that a great deal of time, expertise and attention went into its creation. The use of Scott’s supporting documentation is very use friendly. My impression was that it resulted in a high-end professional experience for the user."

Danielle G. Theule-  DDS, CPDT, KPA CTP, TAGteacher Level 1, CGC Evaluator – Canis Jedi Canine Training

TAGteach Helped My Child to Thrive

Something that has helped my little girl walk, when others said she never would…Something that has helped my little girl engage with her environment, one she hardly used to take notice of…How do you explain the feeling of sheer joy as your little girl’s sensory meltdown turns into laughs and giggles before your very eyes? There are no words. TAGteach is our family’s champion.

Sean Pogson, Parent of a Child with Autism

How mUch Does it Cost?

The course costs $400

This cost of the this course is the same as the price of our live Level 1 Workshop and includes the certification assessment fee.

Bonus #1

You'll receive a free PDF copy of Theresa's book: Don't Nag Tag.

Bonus #2

You'll receive 3 free months of Full membership in TAGteach (or skip 3 payments if you're already a full member) once you earn your Level 1 certification.

Students Win!

Having stripped away the instructional noise, TAGteach hands us the sharpest essentials to teach kindly and effectively. With these strategies, students win.

Susan G Friedman, PhD Utah State University and Behavior+Works

What Will You LEarn?

How to motivate and teach your learner in a way that gives them a choice and a partnership in the learning process
How use the basic TAGteach tools
How to break behavior goals into small manageable pieces
How to reduce your language to give clear instructions to your learner
How to apply the TAGteach WOOF protocol
How to create a tag point
How to use TAGteach phrasing

Effective Instruction

Wow! TAGteach has succeeded in getting people to minimize and control verbal instruction more effectively than anyone I know!

Bethan Mair Williams, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist,

BCBA, Chair Founder of Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy


Level 1 TAGteach Certification

You'll earn your Level 1 TAGteach certification by completing this course.

As a Level 1 TAGteacher you may refer to yourself as a TAGteacher and may use TAGteach (and call it such) with your clients. You may use the the certification badge at your website and in your printed marketing materials as long as you remain a member in good standing.

You may participate in free educational sessions to help spread the word about TAGteach. For example, Lunch and Learn or local Chamber of Commerce breakfast meetings. Please contact us and we will provide PowerPoint and videos for such presentations.

You may not hold training sessions in person or online to instruct others on the application of TAGteach. The TAGteach name is a registered trademark and you may not use it in any commercial applications (lectures, webinars, publications etc).

Higher Levels of Certification

To obtain higher levels of certification there are additional requirements. 

Click here for more information on TAGteach certification

Certificate and CEUs

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you will need to complete the course and pass the quiz.


BACB: 10.5 CEUs (additional fee of $30 applies)

In order to obtain the CEUs you must obtain a Certificate of Completion.

The Certificate of Completion shows that you completed the course and is sufficient for the CEUs listed above. 

In order to obtain TAGteach Level 1 Certification you also need to hand in your journal, worksheets and videos for assessment. This is optional, you can take the course without getting TAGteach Level 1 Certification.


This Course Includes Level 1 TAGteach Certification

KPA CTPs - visit the KPACTP member website for the $75 off discount link

FPPE Members - visit the FPPE member website for the $75 off discount link

TAGteach members - take the course for $50 - login at members area for discount link. To be a TAGteach member, you must hold a TAGteach certification. The online course covers the same material  as a Level 1 certification seminar, therefore this will be a review and as such, we offer this big discount. If you register for a Level 1 certification seminar, you will get the opportunity to take the online course for $50 so that you can take it in preparation for the seminar if you wish. If you register for an Advanced Workshop you will get the opportunity to take this course for $150 after you register.

Student Research Discount! - Take the course for only $125 if you are a student. Send an email requesting a discount code to joan@tagteach.com with a short description of your project and proof of enrollment or an email from your supervisor.

Special Olympics Coaches - Take the course for only $225. Take the course for $125 with concurrent registration in a TAGteach Advanced Workshop or Level 2 Virtual Instructor Led Course

- contact joan@tagteach.com for details

Teachers of the Visually Impaired - Take the course for only $225. Take the course for $125 with concurrent registration in a TAGteach Advanced Workshop or Level 2 Virtual Instructor Led Course

- contact joan@tagteach.com for details

Group discounts are available if you wish to enroll 5 or more people. Please send an email to joan@tagteach.com for more information.

Promotes Human Welfare

B.F. Skinner believed that his science would promote human welfare. TAGteach exemplifies this belief and would have pleased him immensely.

Julie S. Vargas, PhD,President, B.F. Skinner Foundation

Author of Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching