Level 2 TAGteach Certification

Instructor-Led Course with Theresa MckEON

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You've completed the Level 1 certification and you want more!

Join us for the live, virtual - Level 2 Certification workshop!

This 5-week, virtual, instructor-led course, is specifically designed to provide a supportive environment  where you can practice the tools you acquired in Level 1,  and then take them to the next level.

Course Structure



What Will You LEarn?

How mUch Does it Cost?

It was Great Learning from Each Other!

A mix of people attending - it was great to learn from each other as well as from the instructor. Great videos, very clear presentation and explanation, practical examples, chances to practise and always coming back to our own priorities. I also enjoyed the presentations from others seeking certification.

Rhian Thorne - Behavior Therapist - Live Workshop Attendee


Superb. All teachers, coaches, instructors and parents can seriously benefit from TAGteaching!

Tony Cruse - Dog Trainer - Live Workshop Attendee

Sharing Ideas and Working Together

The 'collaboration' of minds - sharing ideas and working together, no matter what species each specialised in - loved it

Jodie White - Dog trainer - Advanced seminar participant

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