Level 2 TAGteach Certification

Virtual Instructor-Led Course

This is an offer for you if you're a Level 1 TAGteacher. Please join us to earn your Level 2 in this 12-week virtual, instructor-led course. You'll get access to online lessons to complete at your own pace between formal teaching sessions. We'll also have a 1.5 hour group class every other week in which we'll be trying to recreate the amazing experience of our live workshops. In addition you'll have access to your instructor for 1 hour of unstructured "office hours" in case you have questions or just want to check in.

This is a replacement for the "Attend a live Advanced Workshop" part of the certification requirements. The remainder of the Level 2 Certification Requirements still apply.

This is for a cohort starting April 1 and running for 12 weeks until June 24. Please register only if you can make the dates of the Virtual lessons with the instructor. (See below if you're interested but can't make those dates)

Click here for a sample schedule.

A welcome session will be held on April 1 from 2-2:30PM EDT.

The first instructor-led virtual class will be on April 15 from 2-3:30PM EDT. The class will be held at the same time every 2nd week for 12 weeks (6 classes). There may be some flexibility on the dates if the whole class agrees to change to a different time or day of the week.

We'll run it with a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 16.


The registration link will only work for certified TAGteachers

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Contact joan@tagteach.com if you don't have a login

If you can't make the dates/times starting on April 1, but other dates might work for you, please fill out the form below and we'll send you an email about additional opportunities.  

Form for People Who CAN'T Join Apr 1 Cohort:

It was Great Learning from Each Other!

A mix of people attending - it was great to learn from each other as well as from the instructor. Great videos, very clear presentation and explanation, practical examples, chances to practise and always coming back to our own priorities. I also enjoyed the presentations from others seeking certification.

Rhian Thorne - Behavior Therapist - Live Workshop Attendee

What's Included in this Course?

Course Structure

This is a 12-week course that builds on the Level 1 online or live certification training.

The course will run for 12 weeks, with six 1.5 hour lessons, one every 2nd week. Click here for a sample schedule.

Online Lessons

At the beginning of each week a new online lesson will become available. You'll have 2 weeks to review the material and complete the homework.

Virtual Lessons with Your Instructor

Two weeks after the self-study lesson becomes available you'll join a virtual classroom with the rest of your class group. Your instructor will give a brief summary of the key points from the online lesson, you'll get a chance to share your homework and to discuss the progress of the past 2 weeks with your classmates. Your instructor will lead the group in fun activities to help solidify the learning.

Attendance at the virtual lessons is MANDATORY in order to obtain certification. There may be some leeway to miss one class, but missing more than one will disqualify you from obtaining certification.

Observation and Practice

This course contains numerous examples and video demonstrations as well as opportunities for you to practice your observation and tagging skills.

Quizzes and Homework

There are lots of optional quizzes and exercises throughout the course to help you cement your new knowledge. There are homework assignments that you will complete and bring to the next class for discussion. In order to earn certification you will be required to bring your homework to the next class.

Office Hours with Your Instructor

On the alternating weeks that don't have formal virtual lessons with your instructor, there will be 1 hour of designated office hours during which you can drop in to talk to your instructor in case you have any questions or just want to chat.

Attendance at office hours is encouraged but not mandatory.

How mUch Does it Cost?

The course costs $425

This cost of the this course is the same as the price of our live Advanced Workshop and includes the certification assessment fee. You can pay in two installments if you wish.

Bonus #1

You'll receive a free PDF copy of Theresa's book: Don't Nag Tag.

Bonus #2

You'll receive 3 free months of Full membership in TAGteach (or skip 3 payments if you're already a full member) once you earn your Level 2 certification.


Superb. All teachers, coaches, instructors and parents can seriously benefit from TAGteaching!

Tony Cruse - Dog Trainer - Live Workshop Attendee

What Will You LEarn?

Sharing Ideas and Working Together

The 'collaboration' of minds - sharing ideas and working together, no matter what species each specialised in - loved it

Jodie White - Dog trainer - Advanced seminar participant

Course Curriculum

Lesson Format

Each lesson will consist of a self-study unit, a 1.5 hour virtual lesson with an instructor and 1 hour of office hours with the instructor.

Virtual lessons will be conducted using an online meeting platform. The lesson will consist of a brief overview lecture of the material from the self-study unit, practical games and activities, homework discussion and sharing of teaching videos and experiences from the previous weeks.

The lesson contents shown below may change - this is a preliminary outline.

Lesson 1 - Review and Tag Point Practice

Review of TAGteach basics

Introduction to advanced TAGteach tools to be covered

Tag point review and value-added tag points

Practice skill break down

Lesson 2 - TAGteach Phrasing

How to introduce TAGteach to your learner

Review lesson script

If A then B tag point contingencies

TAGteach for tactics - responding to contingencies

Short phrase coaching

Lesson 3 - Getting Behavior





Lesson 4 - Behavior Chains and Cues

Cues - what they are and how to use them

Forward chaining

Back chaining

Lesson 5 - Session Management

Antecedent arrangement

Identifying reinforcers

Fun with tagulators

Reinforcement delivery

Peer tagging

Self tagging

Tagging without the tagger

Measurement (very brief - we'll have another course on this)

Lesson 6 - Problem Solving

What to do when TAGteach "doesn't work"

The fearful learner

The reluctant learner

Learners with disabilities

Problem solving examples

Bonus Session - Follow-up

A get together after a few weeks to see how it's going and to discuss issues and celebrate progress. Date to be determined by the class.