TAGteach for Autism Parents - Online Course


You are the most important teacher in your child's life. We all know that, but, HOW do we actually teach a child with a severe disability or difficult behaviors? This course will show you HOW to do this. You'll learn how to teach your child the important functional behaviors that will increase your family’s happiness.

Martha Gabler will teach you how, using simple steps that any parent can take. Watch this video to see Martha's wish for you...

Would you like to be able to teach your child the basic skills they need to live happily? To calm down, to sleep, and to go out into the community so that the whole family can enjoy life more?

This course will help you learn to observe and teach your child no matter where they fall on the autism spectrum. The principles you'll learn apply to anything that you'll want to teach.

You'll learn how to use a science-based method that top autism professionals use, so that you can teach your child quickly and effectively and lay a foundation for a loving relationship and future success in learning new skills.

Martha's Vision for You

"It's my vision that we autism parents learn how to teach our children the productive skills that will increase their quality of life and our family happiness. TAGteach is the most efficient and effective tool available to us; there is nothing else like it. We parents must act. No one is going to do more for our kids than we are."  - Martha Gabler

Just Try It!

I am on the Autism Spectrum. I’m both high and low functioning but have achieved a level of integration in neurotypical society because of my higher functioning attributes. It has been a difficult path to walk alone though. If TAGteach had been around when I was a child, I am 100% sure that I would have a had an even more successful, less frustrating, anxiety ridden childhood and been a higher achiever than I currently am. If you have any doubts about the validity of TAGteach, just try it, and you will see how amazing and how simplified the learning is through using TAGteach.

Katie Scott-Dyer

What's Included in this Course?

Course Contents

This is a 5 part course based on topic suggestions from autism parents, taught by Martha Gabler. The focus is on HOW to teach children using the science-based and research-validated TAGteach method.

Observation and Practice

This course contains numerous examples and video demonstrations as well as opportunities for you to practice your observation and tagging skills with video and with your own child.

Quizzes and Homework

There are lots of optional quizzes and exercises throughout the course to help you cement your new knowledge. There are many homework assignments with sheets for you to fill in to help you structure your teaching and keep track of your child's progress.

Live Q&A With Martha

The course includes access to recorded Q&A sessions and access to periodic live Q&A sessions with Martha and TAGteach co-founders (as available). These will give you the opportunity to ask Martha your questions and to talk to other parents and professionals who are taking the course.

How mUch Does it Cost?

The course costs $200

This course represents the thousands of dollars and hours that Martha devoted to going to conferences, seeking out experts, reading books, and experimenting with programs to figure out what worked and what didn't. You don't need to spend a lot of money and waste precious time on trial and error to find a practical way to increase behaviors that benefit your child and your family. Martha has created this course to show you exactly how to teach your child by breaking your teaching into small pieces and using immediate, effective positive reinforcement.

Bonus Offer

If you purchase the TAGteach for Autism course, you'll get the opportunity to buy the online course, Introduction to TAGteach, for half price ($150 - regular $300). This course leads to Level 1 certification in TAGteach.

Bonus Offer #2

You'll receive a free PDF version of Martha's book: Chaos to Calm - Discovering solutions to the everyday problems of living with autism. Scroll down to see what parents and professionals have to say about Martha's book and the TAGteach method she explains in the book and in her online course.

Bonus Offer #3

You'll receive free PDF versions of Martha's books: Behavior Basics - A Primer for Parents - Volumes 1 and 2. 

Martha is Showing the Way

TAGteach has an important future in the treatment of autism and other developmental delays and this parent has shown the way.

Joseph Morrow PhD, BCBA-D

Applied Behavior Consultants Inc.

What Will You LEarn?

How to motivate and teach your child in a way that gives the child a choice and a partnership in the learning process
How to step back from emotional reaction and replace disruptive behaviors with calm behaviors
How to break behavior goals into small manageable pieces
How to build up new behaviors piece by piece by focusing on small successes
How to educate your child using the science-based TAGteach method and reduce the time you spend managing behaviors
How to assess transitions and teach the child to navigate transitions without anxiety
How to defuse tantrums/meltdowns and how to promote a tantrum-free environment

We were told our child would never walk, talk or be happy

TAGteach has been the only thing that has made a real positive difference to my daughter's progress. TAGteach is the unrivaled champion of our household and all this we learned from Martha Gabler's website and book Chaos to Calm, TAGteach International and the TAGteach for Autism Online Course. Before we started using TAGteach we felt at a loss and our beautiful little girl seemed lost to us. We struggled to reach her. No matter how hard we tried our daughter couldn't even cope with a cuddle or give eye contact. Then we discovered TAGteach and things slowly and surely started to change. We learned how to prepare our daughter for blood tests. We learned to teach her to feed herself. We taught her to give eye contact. We learned to help her take control whilst having meltdowns. There are great many things that we and our daughter have learned via the aid of TAGteach and this wonderful science of helping.  Our previously non-verbal daughter's favourite phrase is "Look what I can do!"  She's not only walking, but running and laughing and teasing us. She's still disabled, but she enjoys life and loves to learn. You don't have to take my word for it. In fact I would suggest you try it and see for yourself.

Sean Pogson - Parent to a child with a severe sensory processing disorder

Course Curriculum

Module 1

What is TAGteach

What it Means to Use TAGteach


What is a Tag Point

Getting Started

More Complex Skills

Break It Down Further

Skill Examples

Know When to Stop



Module 2

The Focus Funnel

Transitions: School to Home

Other Transitions

A Video Example of TAGteach: Swimming Lesson

Q&A with Karen Pryor

Module 3

Quick TAGteach Review

New Terminology

Managing Tantrums

Preventing Tantrums

Creating a Tantrum-Free Environment

Bonus Suggestions from Douglas

Wrap-Up and Q&A

Module 4

Review and Agenda

Purpose of Reinforcement

Finding Good Reinforcers

The Tag as a Reinforcer

Video Examples

How to Reinforce Effectively

Reinforcement Schedules

Effective Reinforcement Delivery

Reinforcement Checklist

Wrap-Up and Q&A

Module 5 - Q&A on the following topics:

Q1: Getting Started

Q2: Ask for a Seat

Q3: Tantrum Prevention

Q4: TAGteach and the ASD Classroon

Q5: Why Are Kids Happy with TAGteach?

Q6: Educational Experience

Q7: Targeting

Q8: Naming Colors

Q9: Why is TAGteach Not Used More Often in ABA Programs? (A: because they are just learning about it - it is becoming more and more commonly used)

What Will TAGteach Do For You?

Do you feel frustrated when it seems that there is not enough time to teach all that your child needs because of inattention or backtracking over material already covered?

Do you wish that your child would just get it right the first time?

Are you uncomfortable or frustrated with physical prompting methods that take away your child's autonomy and right to give consent, and often don't really result in long term behavior change?

TAGteach gives you the tools to simplify your instructions, use fewer words, give immediate feedback and get fast results. You'll be able to communicate effectively with your child and see success at each step. Best of all, TAGteach is hands-off and relies on the effective use of positive reinforcement so that your child learns to do things on their own without you or other people having to touch them all the time.

Experienced autism professionals from around the world have attended TAGteach seminars and have been amazed at the difference it has made in their teaching. 

Watch this video with Thomas and Katie in which they talk about their experiences being taught with TAGteach

Yes, we Have Data!

TAGteach studies have been presented at Applied Behavior Analysis conferences more than 50 times by many different groups of researchers. Autism has been the topic at many sessions and in several published studies. TAGteach has been found to be more effective and efficient as a way of teaching in many disciplines, including orthopedic surgeon training. The published study on this work was recently featured on the Scientific American blog.

Surely if this method of teaching is powerful enough for surgeons in one of the most elite teaching hospitals in the world, it's good enough for you and your child?

Praise for Martha's Book

You'll get a free PDF copy of Martha's highly acclaimed book free when your register for the course: TAGteach for Autism Parents. This will be a great companion to the course. If you have any questions about the book, your registration in the course will give you direct access to Martha so that you can ask her in the live Q&A sessions.

“This remarkable book is something that any ABA person would be proud to offer parents. TAGteach has an important future in the treatment of autism and other developmental delays and this parent has shown the way. I will be recommending the book to both parents and ABA therapists.”

Joseph Morrow, PhD, BCBA-D

President, Applied Behavior Consultants

Professor of Psychology and Behavior Analysis (Emeritus)

California State University, Sacramento

Licensed Psychologist, State of California

“I completely enjoyed this book. It was an engaging and easy read with the appropriate amount of personal testimonial and practical generalization. I wish I could have read it years ago. Parents and practitioners alike will benefit from reading this book regardless if your child is high functioning or severe. After reading, you’ll know that all those other books you read on autism, sensory processing disorder, auditory processing disorder, apraxia, etc. were mostly a big waste of time and money. Don’t let your child’s doctor or other professional convince you that nothing can be done. It’s not true and this book proves it.”

Aimee Taylor – Autism Parent

“The Chaos to Calm manuscript is excellent. I think her book will be very helpful to parents for the following reasons: (1) it addresses the most common problems and needs of parents of children with autism (2) it is written in a very direct and logical manner, and (3) it is a HOW-TO book – I think that her directions and explanations lend themselves to being understood and used by parents. I would definitely suggest other parents read it.”

Mae Barker, PhD, BCBA-D

Senior Behavior Analyst

Florida Autism Consultants and Educational Services

“Effective interventions require thoughtfulness, innovation, and compassion. Gabler’s book provides parents with all three. TAGteach is a robust intervention worthy of the children who need it. I strongly recommend Chaos to Calm for those serious about learning practical uses of TAGteach.”

Rick Kubina, PhD

Professor, Special Education Program, The Pennsylvania State University

“This will be a helpful tool for parents of children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum. I found many simple statements to be profoundly impactful and will certainly be recommending this book to parents overwhelmed by the big picture of changing behavior. It is one thing to hear how to break tasks down from a behavior analyst and, I believe, quite another to hear it from a parent that has overcome the obstacles of the daily struggles that autism involves. Thank you!”

Heather Griffin, MS, BCBA

Clinical Director of Northeast Florida Services

Behavior Management Consultants, Inc.

“The author, Martha Gabler, has the heart of a tiger, the instincts of a Mamma Bear protecting and nurturing her cub, and the mind of an applied logician. Empowered with well-tested and highly generalizable concepts and teaching tools, she crafted a comprehensive and progressive curriculum for her son, delivered with technical expertise. What could easily have been a sterile account of a ‘behavioral program for a child with severe autism,’ is a book filled with wisdom, humor, commonsense, and a mother’s love. I haven’t read a book so simultaneously moving, inspiring, and just plain smart in a long time. It could, and should, be the model for a new approach to assisting families, and will also be of much use to teachers and clinicians.”

Martin Kozloff, PhD

Watson Distinguished Professor

Watson College of Education

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Author of ‘Reaching the Autistic Child’ and many other books

Autism Society Professional Advisor

“As a clinical child psychologist who teaches pediatric and family medicine residents to work with kids with disabilities and their families, my main mantra is “listen to the parents”! In this book Martha, the parent of a son with autism, takes on a remarkable new method of teaching – TAGteach – to teach her son a host of everyday living skills (e.g., walk with me) and resolve a number of problems common to children with autism. The essence of Martha’s book and of TAGteach is knowing “how to do it.” So many times when we encounter issues with children with autism and other developmental disabilities, we know what to do but we don’t know how to apply that knowledge. Martha’s book is a practical application of TAGteach’s “Five Words or Less” method to get directly to the behavior change and learning of the child. And it works! This is a most practical and valuable book that a parent of a child with disabilities should own!”

Mary C. Cerreto, PhD

“Martha Gabler has lived through the seemingly impossible hell of raising a very difficult boy with autism—and found tools and patience to change him—and herself. A wonderful book of her discoveries and her progress with her son.”

Richard McManus, Founder, The Fluency Factory

“Sound science and practical ideas. If you are a parent or a professional working with a person with autism (or almost any person working with a person with a need to learn new behaviors) this is a “must read”. The book is well written, easy to understand, and based on solid research.”

Will H Burrow, PhD

Director of Special Education, Regional School Unit #4, Sabattus, ME

“I have just read your book and have to say it is a treasure. People like you are keeping this information alive. Real issues from a real mum working under very distressing circumstances, but keeping at it and making a life changing difference for their child – and their family. I was talking to another parent about how much effort you had to put in to help your boy get into a sleep pattern. She was amazed and thought her issues paled into insignificance. Of course they don’t as every parent’s issues are as real and important for them as the next one’s. Thank you, great insight and strategies relevant to all parents.”

Dennis Sparrow

Educational Psychologist

Better Start Education Service

“Beautifully and thoughtfully written. An easy to follow, consistent and compassionate approach for changing difficult behaviors often associated with autism.”

Carol Kelley RN

“My now 12 son was diagnosed with Autism / Mental Retardation / Apraxia at the age of 3. Its has taken me all these years to know my child, to learn what his likes and dislikes are. I have googled a lot, spoken to his related service providers, Specialist, and how to deal with his outbursts, how to calm him down, when to not get too emotionally broken down when nothing seem to work for him. Finally, CHAOS TO CALM came across my desk and I must say it has been so inspiring for me to FINALLY START LEARNING MY CHILD. I can relate to this book because Doug has a lot of the same characteristics my son has, as do a lot of children with Autism. I have began to implement a lot of Martha’s how to in an emergency situation. This book in my opinion is a “HOW TO 101 deal with your Autistic child”. This book has begun to make a difference in my household. Thank you Martha job well done.”

Dionne – Autism Parent

“I am almost done reading Chaos to Calm; fantastic book, I am planning on reading it again and then lending it to my daughter (elementary student teacher) and friend (special ed elementary teacher). Wish I could give a copy of it to every teacher and parent of an autistic child! I can’t read too many chapters at once tho, without becoming exhausted just thinking about parenting a child with autism. Strength to parents of all challenging children, but wow, Martha, you are something special. Great book.”

Linda Backer

“Autism is challenging at best, often impossible at it’s worst. Using TAGteach technology always allows for a more effective means of communication, especially when the child is non-verbal. Here is one mother’s experience that is well worth the read.”

Alicia Smith - Special Ed Teacher

“I have no experience of autism, either with a member of the family or with anyone I know and I was concerned that I’d not be able to `understand’ how the book might work. However, what I found was a great insight into what autism is and how it impacts on both the individual and wider world around them.

What Martha has shown is that finding the right way to communicate is as much about `training’ as it is about communication skills. It also shows that the parenting of such children is remarkably similar to the parenting of so called `normal’ children as well, in that positive reinforcement works.”

Linda Parkinson-Hardman

“Too often the solution to working with children with special needs is medication or institutionalization. Martha Gabler presents a very achievable alternative with TAGteach. Here is a method that builds lasting relationships, is easy enough for all members of the family to participate in, gives the child the option of choice and removes the need for coercion. I would recommend this book to any parent or teacher working with a child with special needs. Whether it be autism, dyslexia, ADD, Down Syndrome or any other need, the strategies discussed in this book are pertinent to them all and well worth the effort of putting into practice.”

Lesley Catterall

“Very wonderful heart warming story of an alternative method of dealing with autistic children, but that is not the beginning and end of the story. This method can be used for anyone learning a new skill. Coaches, teachers, anyone who instructs another can use this method. Its great to find a method that is focused on positive reinforcement and building on successes. I would recommend this book to anyone.”

Sharon Empson

“The author’s son could not tolerate being spoken to and did not speak. When the author learned about tag teaching she found a technique that helped her help her son. She started “clicking and treating” all desired behavior. Since behaviors will more likely be repeated if they result in something good happening, her son started showing those behaviors more and more. His problematic behaviors were not reinforced so they faded away. This book is a great example of how positive reinforcement can be used to change behavior. Positive reinforcement is the most ethical and effective way of helping children and other learners change behavior.”

Patty Glynn

“Great resource for parents of Autistic children and parents of all children who want to teach and not argue. The author explained the process throughout the book and gave examples from the work she did with her own son.”

Ljc Jo

“Gives hope for how to make every day problems with autism manageable. Great book. I’d recommend it to everyone with a child with autism.”


“This is a very good book.

My son has been doing token boards for a little while, and we are using a clicker to mark some things he does, where it is hard to give him the token at just the right moment.

Like, he is working on playing Candy Land, and it helps him to understand to stop at his color. (He likes to pause at the right color and then keep going sometimes, and sometimes he hesitates before he has gotten to his color — now he knows we will click when he is at just the right place.)

It is an easier marker for him sometimes than other ways we have to show we really like what he is doing.

Especially when he is not right next to someone.

I see many times, that he starts to do something well, when we want him to do something without anyone right next to him, but he doesn’t do it all the way to the end (to get a token or piece of candy). But then how do we shape it???? This will let us re-enforce some beginning steps to shape behavior.

Honestly we have only used it for Candy Land so far, b/c somehow (oddly enough) my son has just made a big improvement in “come here” and looking towards me from a distance when I call his name. But I wish I had had it 6 months ago as a tool! I am looking for more times it will be helpful to us.

My son’s therapist is interested, too, she likes it. I have not brought it up at pre-school yet, but I am going to at his parent-teacher conference. I think it could help him with walking in line independently.

I did not feel totally comfortable with the method without talking to my son’s therapist (who said we could use it with a token board or piece of candy, which I am familiar with) and also I looked at a Karen Pryor book from the library. I think I just needed to see it from some different directions and then I understood it more.”

Lesley Noble

It is a practical book. Clear steps able to be followed by all parents, but also exceptionally useful for professionals working with families in similar distress. What it means for me though is that this is a lonnnnng journey. It gives parents hope that you can make changes, but they are not going to be thorough miracle approaches. When I told a parent how long it took her to get her boy to sleep, she was amazed but realised what she needed to do to help her own child. The words of a parent, especially one with this insight and rigour, are far more valuable, to my clients, than those of the professionals. This person has done it, been there for her boy and achieved what few would say could be achieved. I also went looking for “Don’t Shoot the Dog” and found it great companion piece for Martha’s treasure of a book.

Dennis Sparrow

Senior Psychologist Better Start Education Services,

BA (Hons) (Psychology), BSc (Physics), BA (Secondary Education)

MAPS (Member Australian Psychological Society)