Introduction to TAGteach

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This mini-course will give you all the basics you need to start right away with TAGteach to supercharge your learning environment and bring more success and fun to you and your learners. It takes about an hour to change your life.

I enjoyed the mini-course very much. I hope to enjoy more courses when I am able. I am a certified professional dog trainer and today I visited with a particularly difficult student for training. I went prepared to implement TAGteach as well as my current understanding provided. I followed the lingo, changes roles and was clear about the TAG and the WOOF. Today’s class went much smoother as she had a limited task to do and this gave no opportunity for what I call “The Buts…”  

Donna Toews  

Certified Professional Dog Trainer  

SOOO well put together. The format and little quizzes made all the curriculum catchy, easy to follow and understand, it kept my attention seamlessly, and made all the information indelible. FANTASTIC JOB! I would without a doubt recommend and spread the word to anyone interested! feel blessed to have come across this and that you offer so much valuable information free of charge. Now time to sign up for the introductory course! YAY! Well Thank you for all your fabulous work!!! You and your team of peers are an inspiration!  

Alana Bryce  

Certified Professional Dog Trainer

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