Introduction to TAGteach Online Course Certificate Download - Korean

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How to Submit Your Materials for Certification

This course qualifies for Level 1 TAGteacher Certification provided you do the following:

1. Pass the test at the end of the course (submit your certificate with your other materials - upload to Google Drive folder)

2. Submit your completed worksheets (all in 1 file in Word or Google doc format)

3. Submit your completed journal (all in 1 file in Word or Google doc format)

4. Submit your 3 videos (uploaded to a Google Drive folder that will be provided to you - Dropbox or other storage is not acceptable)

5. Pay the $75 Certification Assessment Fee to TAGteach

Please send an email to for instructions on how to upload your files to your Google Drive folder


Click here for details of the video requirements

Before you create and submit you videos, please click here to download the video assessment criteria. If the videos don't meet the criteria you will be asked to resubmit them, so please be sure to review the criteria and make sure that your phrasing and tag point presentation to your learner meets our criteria.

How to Access Your CEUs

CEUs will be available from IAABC and CCPDT (9 CEUs) - please email if you want these CEUs

KPA gives 9 CEUs for this course - submit your certificate to them according to their submission requirements

There are 10.5 Learning CEUs from BACB. There will be an extra charge of $29.99 for these.