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This is a list of resources from Martha Gabler that relate to issues of concern raised by parents in responses to a survey conducted prior to the start of this webinar series.

From the Chaos to Calm blog: Articles addressing a number of the topics mentioned in the survey, and how to address them with TAGteach.

Medical Care/Preparing for Medical Testing: “TAGteach Tale: Tink Rocked Her Blood Tests,” at

Tantrums, agitation: “Got autism? Got tantrums? Here’s what you can do to help your child,” at

Stimming: “Got Autism? Got screaming and verbal stimming? You can teach your child peace and quiet,” at

Fine Motor Skills:“Got autism? Want to help your child learn to handle buttons, zippers and cutlery?”at

Additional Resources:

The Fact Sheet on desensitization will give you ideas for tag points to start increasing your child’s tolerance for sound, light, activity and touch. Building up tolerance for touch is important for personal care, medical care and dental care. The Dental Care Tool Kit from Autism Speaks has many excellent suggestions, which can also be taught via TAGteach.

The Autism Beacon resource on Task Analysis for Life Skills describes everyday activities in detailed steps. Each of these steps can be taught via tag points. The article on fine motor skills has many activities which can be taught via tag points.


Autism Spectrum Disorders Fact Sheet on Desensitization: see

Dental Care

From Autism Speaks: Dental Took Kit (free). Download from this link:

Contains detailed recommendations for working on tooth brushing and dental care at home, getting ready for dental visits, finding the right dentist, and how to make sure your child has a successful experience.

Task Analysis


This 26-page PDF (free download), describes functional life skills in the areas of Academics, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Independent Living Skills, Leisure Skills, Pre-Vocational Skills, and Vocational Skills. It has detailed break-downs of many tasks of everyday life, such as making the bed, doing laundry, or asking for help. Outstanding resource.

Fine Motor Skills

From Pediastaff; “OT Corner: 10 Fun Ways to Use Toothpicks for Fine Motor Practice and Grasping Skills,” see There are many excellent articles on the internet with suggestions for how to build fine motor skills in children. This is one of many.

Library Programs for Autistic People and Their Families

This is a wonderful resource for anyone wishing to implement a library program to provide a safe and welcoming space where people can come to meet new friends and be introduced to new interests. Be sure to share this with your local library!

Thanks to homeshcooler Mindie for alerting us to this terrific resource!