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Join us to learn about the powerful techniques of capturing, shaping and immediate positive reinforcement to encourage your special needs child to enjoy the learning process and to participate willingly.

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This webinar is geared to the application of TAGteach to children with special needs, but the principles apply equally to all teaching. If you're interested in learning more about capturing and shaping please join us!

Unlock Your Child's Potential: Join our empowering webinar designed specifically for parents of special needs children and the professionals who help them! Discover the transformative power of capturing existing behaviors and gently shaping them into valuable skills that your child can use to enhance their quality of life, and yours. This is a child-centered, evidence-based and non-coercive approach. It prioritizes positive reinforcement and child engagement, fostering a nurturing environment where your child thrives. Learn to embrace your child as a partner and leader in their own learning, fostering mutual trust and collaboration. Gain practical strategies and insights to unlock your child's full potential and produce meaningful progress.

Your child may demonstrate lots of unruly behaviors, lots of cute behaviors, lots of behaviors that are not fully functional or may do very few behaviors at all. No matter what your child does or doesn't do, there are always opportunities to start where your child is at right now and build on even the tiniest flashes of brilliant behavior.

In this webinar you'll learn the powerful techniques of capturing and shaping to help your child learn productive behaviors that will make their life and yours easier and more fulfilling.

This will be a combination of lecture, videos and Q&A with two parents of children with severe autism who have taught their children productive skills leading to happier lives for the whole family.


After attending this webinar, you will:

- Understand the importance of starting where your child is at and allowing them to guide their own learning

- Understand the importance of hands-off teaching without coercion

- Understand the term behavior capturing

- Be able to observe and recognize useful behaviors or precursors that your child is already doing that you can capture

- Know how to capture behaviors precisely and give immediate positive reinforcement

- Understand the process of behavior shaping

- Understand the importance of immediate positive reinforcement and how to give it

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Katie Scott-Dyer is an adult with an autism diagnosis. She is a parent and a dog trainer. She tell us how TAGteach has made a difference in her life and how she wishes that her parents had known about this when she was younger.

"If it [TAGteach] had been around when I was a child I'm a hundred percent certain that my childhood would have been less frustrating and less anxiety ridden and that I would be much more successful than I am today.

It gives the learner direct, immediate feedback. You know what you got right and it simplifies the instructions. It allows the learner to focus without pressure."


4 year-old Lear learns to go into the pool and to enjoy swimming by himself in his life jacket. At first Lear didn't want to into the pool. The teacher broke the skill down into small easily achievable pieces so that Lear was sure to succeed. Each time he succeeds at the tag point, the teacher tags and he goes to her to get a Skittle. At first his motivation is only to get Skittles. By the end he's confidently going into the pool and paddling around. He tells the helper he doesn't need help. He continues to play in the pool even though there are no more Skittles. 

This illutrates a fundamental goal of TAGteach, to promote the development of skills and confidence so that learners can enjoy using their new skills without the need for external reinforcement.

Note that there is very little talking, no cajoling or nagging or extraneous instructions and no cheerleading. When Lear makes a mistake he self-corrects and tries again.

This approach is effective for all learners, but is particularly good for learners with autism, like Lear, who react badly to extraneous stimuli, physical prompting and too much talking. Lear learns at his own pace and has complete control over the process.


Learn more about TAGteach for autism in this Q&A session with Martha. This is an audio recording, but there are several illlustrative graphics and videos, so be sure to watch as well as listen!


Martha Gabler MA is a long time member of the TAGteach Faculty and she has presented on TAGteach many times. She is a popular speaker at conferences and has had several articles published in Autism Parenting magazine.

Martha is the mother of an adult son who is nonverbal and has severe autism. In the early years, with no access to services, she had to find out on her own about and implement Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)-based methods to help him learn. He made great progress with ABA, Verbal Behavior, Direct Instruction, Precision Teaching and TAGteach. Her son learned so many new skills via TAGteach, and it was so easy and inexpensive to use, that she wrote a book about her experience entitled, Chaos to Calm: Discovering Solutions to the Everyday Problems of Living with Autism.

It's Martha's wish that all autism parents learn about TAGteach and the effective implementation of positive-reinforcement in teaching their children and that they learn about this as early as possible.


Andrew Miller BCBA is the owner of Conestoga Behavioral Services, an ABA-based company in southeastern PA. He developed an appreciation for TAGteach as he discovered the power of shaping in teaching his son Peyton, as well as other children that he has worked with. Seeing these children's skills grow as a direct function of Andrew's skills as a teacher has been the reinforcer for Andrew learning more. He has also discovered the benefit of improving his understanding of basic concepts of behavior in various ways, including through playing PORTL (Portable Operant Research Training Lab). In addition to TAGteach, Andrew is interested in precision teaching, component-composite analysis, and Dr. Israel Goldiamond's constructional approach.