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Join TAGteach cofounder Theresa McKeon and dog trainer and behavior consultant Marissa Martino to learn about how to train dog shelter/kennel staff and volunteers how to work safely with dogs in a kennel environment. This is essential information for you if you manage or work in a dog daycare, veterinary clinic, shelter or any other multi-dog environment.

What you'll learn:

- The basics of TAGteach (focus funnel and tag point creation)

- The impotance of volunteer empowerment

- How to teach some basic handling skills using TAGteach

- How to make your instructions clear for your learners

BONUS! When you register for this webinar bundle you'll get the option to purchase the recorded webinar, Lip Licking, Whale Eye and Other Important Human Behaviors with Theresa McKeon for only $10.

This is a great caompanion webinar that covers topics to help you become a better observer of human behavior so that you can improve the comfort level of your learners.


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ABOUT Marissa

Marissa is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC). She began my career working with canine companions after attending the Academy for Dog Trainers in 2007. Shortly after, she developed her private practice, Paws & Reward. Her approach to positive dog training is evidence-based and rooted in applied behavioral science. 

Marissa is the author of the book: Human-Canine Behavior Connection: Building Better Relationships Through Dog Training and the host of the The Paws & Reward Podcast where she and her guests stop and reflect on behavior change, positive dog training, the human-canine bond, and the relationships with our loved ones!

Marissa has worked for three different animal shelters directing their behavior departments in CO & CA, the most recent being the Dumb Friends League. She was the Community Liaison at the Dumb Friends League, offering animal shelters and rural CO communities the education and resources needed to expand their animal welfare impact.

Marissa offers behavior consulting for animal shelters by helping them implement evidence-based, positive reinforcement best practices to reduce the stress and behavior concerns of the animals in their care. She also designed a behavior course for shelter professionals in Nevada on behalf of the Dave and Cheryl Duffield Foundation.

For several years, Marissa was the Board President of the Shelter Playgroup Alliance, offering education to shelter staff and volunteers to develop comprehensive enrichment programs to support the animals in their care.