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People in helping professions are often overworked and under-appreciated. Far too many struggle with burnout and compassion fatigue. Colleen applies her knowledge from 25+ years as a dog trainer to teach people new strategies based on the science of behavior.

When you learn the tools of resilience, you'll never again have to feel like you take care of everyone while neglecting yourself. 

Work more effectively, recharge more completely, and feel like yourself again!

There are good moments and bad moments in every single day. However because your brain is wired to focus on the negative, it’s easy to overlook the good stuff and get dragged into a cycle of gloom. Don’t let that happen!

Train your brain’s attention to notice and direct your thoughts, feelings, and actions so that you bounce back better from challenging situations.

  • - Understand why it’s harder to focus on and recall positive events than negative ones

  • - Identify strategies that can help you be more productive and decisive

  • - Learn to notice, name, and navigate your emotional responses for greater peace of mind

  • - Discover the five most common triggers of an emotional outburst to improve your interactions with others and quiet some of your negative mind chatter

You’ll leave this session filled with new ideas to not just feel better at work, but to feel better. Period. Come prepared to grow!


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Dogs and people have always fascinated Colleen Pelar. Her favorite part of being a dog trainer wasn't teaching the dog, but improving the relationship between dogs and their people. Both are social species, hard-wired to connect, and she loved offering simple, practical tips for building those connections. That's why, over more than 25 years of dog training, she spoke at scores of veterinary and training conferences and wrote three books to help parents and children have successful relationships with their dogs. But she also sat in far too many living rooms having difficult conversations with parents about their dogs' aggression. Eventually, like so many pet professionals, she fizzled out. She lost the joy that had highlighted her work. While trying to regain that spark, she began studying positive psychology, coaching, and resilience. She learned effective strategies for combating burnout and compassion fatigue. That knowledge has led her in a new direction: sharing these insights to help pet professionals feel resilient, energized, and thriving.