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With Bethan Mair Williams and Emma Wicks

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Profits from this webinar will be donated to a charity providing help to refugee autism families escaping from Ukraine to Poland while the war continues.

Henry is an 11 year old British boy with autism. Bethan has supported his family, school and small dedicated ABA team for the last 4 years. In this presentation, she and Henry’s mother, Emma will describe how, despite his complex needs and communication challenges, TAGteach has been an integral part of a wider behavioural programme which has enabled Henry to get the maximum out of both educational and leisure activities and to enjoy a meaningful hobby.

Bethan will provide an overview of the interventions being used to date and will explain how the use of TAGteach complements her aims as a speech and language therapist with a remit for addressing Henry’s speech, language and communication needs.

Emma will present extensive examples of footage taken of her and the team using TAGteach in a variety of settings and contexts. She will also explain how analysis of the footage has enabled her, her family and the entire ABA team to become more effective and efficient teachers of Henry.      


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Bethan has worked as a speech and language therapist in the British public health sector for over 20 years. Her specialty is working with individuals with intellectual impairment and throughout her career, she has worked with a wide range of people of all ages. She is able to work through the medium of English, Welsh (the language spoken by the majority of people in North Wales, where she lives), and French, as she completed a French and Linguistics degree prior to training as a speech and language therapist.

Because of her interest in PECS, in 2006, Bethan enrolled on the MSc in ABA course at Bangor University, North Wales, which was at that time, the only Master’s programme in Europe. She received her BCBA In 2013 and was the first speech and language therapist in the UK to achieve this certification.

Her current main areas of interest are PECS, Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction and TAGteach. She has spent most of her public sector career training and coaching classroom assistant in special schools how to use these behavioral interventions.

Bethan has worked independently since 2015 and provides consultancy services to education authorities, private sector schools, charities and individual families. She is also employed by Queen’s University, Belfast, as an MSc in ABA research supervisor.

In 2016, Bethan cofounded and chairs the Clinical Excellence Network ( for speech and language therapists with an interest in ABA, which is registered with the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. 


Emma is a keen equestrian and mother to Henry.  Emma  ‘got’ TAGteach very quickly when Bethan introduced the idea. She devoured Martha Gabler's book (Chaos to Calm: Discovering solutions to the everyday problems of living with autism). Emma told Bethan straightaway she wanted to get going but was having trouble finding something to ‘pin’ it on. Then came the horse riding and they were off to the races!

The overarching message concerns Emma’s aspiration for Henry to have meaningful leisure activities and her efforts to make this happen. TAGteach was not used to drill and train him relentlessly but rather was used with love and fun and creativity by a closely knit team to capture and shape behaviours that would help Henry achieve this goal- with great success and lots of laughter on the way!