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Do you ever find yourself labeling your learners as "not confident" or "not assertive" or "struggling to make decisions"?

Could it be that they are overwhelmed with incoming information and stimuli and are suffering from cognitive overload?

 There are just too many things going on and so they are slow to make the best (or even any) decision in the moment. 

‍‍‍ This could be a social situation: should I say hello? shake hands? step back? step forward? walk away? ask for help? 

‍‍‍ It could be dog walking situation: should I stop? turn around? give the dog a treat? give more slack on the leash? 

‍‍‍ It could be a sports situation: should I pass? move right? move left? go in for the score?

Basketball coach and Level 2 TAGteacher BJ Mumford has developed an ingenious system that can help you simplify the decision-making process for your learners.

This is a next level application of TAGteach and we want everyone to learn about this!


Join us as BJ Mumford takes us on his TAGteach journey from Technical skills = the intentional biomechanical movements of the body... 

to Tactical skills = the application of an appropriate technical skill in a situational context... 

to Decision-making = the recognition of a situational context, identification of a cue, and selection of the appropriate skill - triggering the execution of technical skill.

This is truly next level teaching and BJ is pushing the boundaries, exploring and innovating in new frontiers of sports training.

What you'll learn:

- How BJ is using the TAGteach methodology to design and automate decisions for basketball players
- The importance of isolating binary decisions
- Real-world cues - A single cue for each decision
- The decision tree cascade
- The impact of mental practice
- How BJ is leveraging technology to teach basketball skills and tactics

BONUS! When you register for this webinar bundle you'll get the option to purchase the recorded webinar, TAGteach for Team Sports with Joan Orr and BJ Mumford for only $10.

We highly reccomend that you watch this recorded webinar since it covers the basic topics involved in the application of TAGteach for team sports. This will prepare you for the advanced concepts in tactics and decision-making that will be covered in the Decision Training webinar.


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BJ Mumford founded Play-Practice Basketball in 2018 after 12 years of coaching experience across the US, Central America, and the Caribbean. Coach Mumford holds a B.S.S in Coaching from the United States Sports Academy, and has spent the last 14 years working in the field of basketball player development with players from elementary school to pros.

BJ is a Certified Level 2 TAGteacher who is taking TAGteach principles into new frontiers of advanced coaching.