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"Let me ask you a question: Why are you teaching? Which is the end goal of your work, as teacher, parent or trainer?"

In TAGteach we focus on one single detail to make the learning process easier for the learner and more effective. We know that this is a correct application of Skinner's behavioral laws and - most important- we have countless stories of great success.

But: do we know why are we teaching? Do we have in mind a clear goal that we want to achieve with our students?

In this webinar "Goals in Education: the TAGteach Impact" we'll talk about the goals in education from the perspective of the behavioral science. We'll discuss the reasons why goals should be the compasses of our learning plans and how we can use them to engineer our students' achievements using TAGteach.


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Luca is a long-time member of the TAGteach Faculty. Luca holds a Bachelor’s degree In Archaeology from Padova University. He has worked across several fields: TAGteacher, school teacher, special needs school teacher, archaeologist, and professional dog trainer.

His experience with TAGteach is widespread and includes; sports training (developing TAGteach procedures for Olympic Archery); writing skills, safety procedures, and management in the school classroom; teaching people to train the pets; and as the father of a wonderful son, Alessandro, he is refining TAGteach as a positive reinforcement tool in parenting.  Luca has presented many TAGteach seminars and webinars in universities, classrooms and regional events.