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I  ran this webinar in 2015. In the intervening years things have changed: I am in special education and new tools are in my toolbox. TAGteach is not just a way of teaching via the marker. It is far more complex: it is something that challenge you to become a better teacher for you and your students. This is Evolution.


1) Explanation of TAGteach concepts

2) What TAGteach can do in a classroom (for teachers and students)

3) Building a teaching plan: which will be our goal?

4) Fluency, Performance and Frequency: why we need them

5) Data for decision-making: Precision Teaching and the Standard Celeration

6) Examples of using the marker in classroom

EXTRA TIME 10 – 15 mins

In the last week, I have witnessed the breakthrough of the Coronavirus in Italy: schools and activities closed, mandatory to stay at home to stop the disease from spreading, no social life. Simply a new, tough way to live. In this period, I have been recording data about the disease on my Standard Celeration Charts. I will talk about how seeing the data have helped me to get a grasp on a pretty difficult time.


Luca is a long-time member of the TAGteach Faculty. Luca holds a Bachelor’s degree In Archaeology from Padova University. He has worked across several fields: TAGteacher, school teacher, special needs school teacher, archaeologist, and professional dog trainer.

His experience with TAGteach is widespread and includes; sports training (developing TAGteach procedures for Olympic Archery); writing skills, safety procedures, and management in the school classroom; teaching people to train the pets; and as the father of a wonderful son, Alessandro, he is refining TAGteach as a positive reinforcement tool in parenting.  Luca has presented many TAGteach seminars and webinars in universities, classrooms and regional events.