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You'll learn the following in this webinar

The steps Sean used to teach his severely disabled daughter to accept blood draws
How to complete a task analysis for a medical procedure
How to think creatively to mimic medical procedures
How to use positive reinforcement (through TAGteach) to increase desired behavior
How to arrange the environment to reduce stress and promote cooperation

Anne and Sean will show you the steps involved in preparation for a blood draw with images and video. Other examples of preparation for medical and dental procedures will also be discussed.

We'll give you the full task analysis for Sean's blood draw preparation technique.


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Sean is a Jedi, scholar and parent of a child with severe cognitive and physical delays. Sean and his partner Natalie were told that their young child Eirinn (fondly known as Tink)  would never walk or talk and that there was nothing that could be done for her. Sean did not accept this and began a quest to understand the underlying biochemical basis of Tink's rare gene mutation through study of the primary scientific literature. He also began a quest to discover the leading edge in teaching and behavior science. He discovered TAGteach and also the world of animal training and behavior. Through his generous sharing of his and Natalie's work with Tink, he has gained the respect and admiration of the international positive reinforcement animal training community and the international Behavior Analysis community. He is a popular speaker at conferences. Through dogged determination and careful study of the science of behavior, Sean and Natalie have taught Tink to say quite a few words and phrases, to play with toys, to feed herself and most importantly to walk and even run! Because of Tink's fragile medical condition, Tink requires regular blood draws. Sean has documented the process of teaching Tink to cooperate without signs of stress and will share this journey with us in this webinar.


Anne holds a Masters degree in Applied Disability Studies from Brock University and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She is a member of the TAGteach Faculty and manages the certification assessment program for TAGteach International. Anne is a pioneer in the integration of TAGteach and precision teaching and was an invited speaker at the International Precision Teaching Conference in 2017 on this topic. Anne currently works as a BCBA Behavior Analyst for Tucci Learning Solutions Inc.

Anne has extensive experience training and teaching people. She is an NCCP Certified Level 2 gymnastics coach, a Level 1 coach for the Canadian Association of Disabled Snowsports and works as a behavior analyst serving both parents and children living with autism. She began her teaching career at age 11, as an assistant helping to teach adults to train their puppies.

Anne has extensive experience with clicker training several species of animals. She was a pioneer in the field of rabbit training. As a child she was a feature trainer in the award winning Clicker Puppy Training DVD. She was the recipient of the Innovation Award and Humane Trainer Award from the International Positive Dog Trainers Association in 2005.

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