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 Luca is a scientist with a keen interest in the brain and how it learns. He will talk about recent research into brain science and will explain why it is that TAGteach works so well.

In this webinar Luca will help us understand this fascinating phenomenon by covering the following topics:

Working memory and cognitive load - why we can talk less, yet teach more.
Associative learning - what a sea hare and Stephen Hawking have in common.
Maps in the brain - why my car is not like yours.


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Luca is a long-time member of the TAGteach Faculty. Luca holds a Bachelor’s degree In Archaeology from Padova University. He has worked across several fields: TAGteacher, school teacher, special needs school teacher, archaeologist, and professional dog trainer.

His experience with TAGteach is widespread and includes; sports training (developing TAGteach procedures for Olympic Archery); writing skills, safety procedures, and management in the school classroom; teaching people to train the pets; and as the father of a wonderful son, Alessandro, he is refining TAGteach as a positive reinforcement tool in parenting.  Luca has presented many TAGteach seminars and webinars in universities, classrooms and regional events.

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