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How to introduce TAGteach to your coach, trainer, teacher, or educator. 

How to inspire them to embrace and adopt the methods for you and their other clients.


Have you ever wished that you could teach your yoga instructor, music teacher, tennis coach or other professional to teach you the way you want to learn? If you are a TAGteacher, you know there is a better way to teach and you want your instructors to use TAGteach with you. This webinar, presented by TAGteach Faculty Instructor Joey Iversen will give us an interesting perspective since Joey is an experienced teacher of people, but her perspective on tennis is from the learner's point of view. You will learn how Joey was able to transfer her TAGteach skills to her tennis instructor and how they worked as a team to create tag points and clarify the instructor's lesson for the learner.

This webinar will be of interest to sports coaches who would like to learn more about the application of TAGteach and to learners who want to learn some approaches to help their instructors to move towards using TAGteach principles.

Here is what Joey's coach, Grant Grinnell (USPTA) had to say after working with Joey:

I love everything about what you've taught me. I love the tag, I love the positive reinforcement. I love no negative connotation. I love the focus of what I need to do and I love the focus of what students can do if they are tagging somebody else. I love everything about it, it's fantastic and I plan on using extensively in my teaching in the future.”

Another coach, curious about what was going with Grant and Joey wanted to know more. He had this to say:

TAGteach worked for me because I could mark the exact point I need my students to feel in my lessons. My students quickly associated the tag with what I was trying to get them to understand in their technique. It made my instructions that much more effective.”


Joey Iversen, CBATI,  KPACTP TAGteach Faculty, UW-AAB, CGC Evaluator

Joey has been involved with aspects of learning and teaching for over twenty years, encompassing animal training, public outreach, animal assisted therapy, sports and recreation program development, and nutritional education. 

Joey first became familiar with TAGteach ten years ago through her work with pets and pet owners in Iowa, where she co-owned a successful training, daycare, agility center and boarding facility. She developed and conducted all levels of dog obedience classes, agility training, CGC, Rally-O, private lessons, and behavior counseling.  Joey incorporated TAGteach into her instruction and coaching. She coached competitors in all canine sports and personally holds titles in Obedience, Rally-O, and Agility.

TAGteach principles have also played a significant role in Joey’s work with youth and families facing many different types of challenges. She and her Black Russian Terrier, Pirate, were a registered Pet Partner team with Delta Society and participate in Animal Assisted Therapy, the Reading Education Assistance Dog program, and other animal-assisted activities to better the lives of children and families.  

When Joey became interested in tennis in 2008, she quickly saw how TAGteach could enhance skill acquisition for her new sport, and she introduced TAGteach to several of the coaches. She later introduced TAGteach to the director of a tennis facility serving at-risk youth. In 2013, Joey worked with a team of coaches and volunteers to develop a tennis program for special needs players, incorporating TAGteach into the program.  She has assisted and presented TAGteach seminars in the US and internationally.

In 2017 Joey joined Compass Key, a service dog training company. Joey works with owners and their dogs to acquire the skills and behavior to become certified service dogs. This work has allowed her to introduce her clients to incorporating TAGteach into their human behavior remediation.

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