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Have you ever wondered how the trainers who teach visually impaired learners work their magic to teach very complex skills to people who will use dog guides or white canes to navigate the world? In this webinar you'll find out how it's done, how TAGteach has helped to do it better and how you too can use these master teaching skills with your own learners.

When working with visually impaired adults and potentially their guide dogs how do you introduce the concept of TAGteach? How do you TAG when you have a clicker savvy guide dog around? What's the reinforcement? How do you break down the more complex tasks with guide dog mobility and how does it aid those with additional needs such as short term memory? During this webinar we will look at all of this and more, including a group session looking at how the learner becomes the teacher when working with volunteers learning a new skill.


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Tony Harvey has worked in the field of visual impairment for over 18 years and during that time has also worked with individuals with autism, learning disabilities, mental health issues and additional physical disabilities. He has worked with Guide Dogs since 2008 and has worked in England, Wales, Scotland and New Zealand as both a guide dog mobility instructor and a rehabilitation instructor. Since 2016 he has introduced TAGteach to his coaching tool repertoire and during that time worked up to level 3 and helped spread the news that there is another way: "you had me at click click..." is not only a title he has wanted to use for a long time, it is an opportunity to put that experience together and share.

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