TAGteach and Precision Teaching

Virtual Instructor-Led Course with Luca

What do you need to teach to your students? Believe me, all you need is a little bit of Science, a Chart and a Tagger. Welcome to our TAGteach and Precision Teaching course.                    ~Luca Canever

We do use TAGteach to teach new skills to our learners. When a new skill is  acquired teachers must provide opportunities to practice it. Mastering a skill to proficiency level could be a life goal. Just think of elite performers like athletes, musicians, artists... 

The goal of this course is to give you an introduction to Precision Teaching, a methodology that helps teachers to design good Practice programs with lot of positive reinforcement and to record data from student's performance.

In Precision Teaching teachers uses data to assess their programs, student's progress and to make teaching decision data-based.

TAGteach is for teaching new skills, Precision Teaching is for measuring the progress of that teaching.

No matter if you work at school, or if you are a sport coach, a dog trainer or a parent, every teacher can greatly benefit from using a little of Science, a Chart and a Tagger.


I Feel Like I Understand How to Use Precision Teaching Now

I liked this course a lot. I tried to learn precision teaching on my own about 4-5 years ago. I didn't have much time to dedicate to it and I got stuck so gave up.

I was so happy to see this course and am very pleased to have taken it. Now I feel like I understand precision teaching enough to actually start using it at a beginner level.

The length of the lectures was a good 2 hrs with a small break at the 1hr. The labs were good too, where Luca gives us more exercises to do in the spreadsheets to practice those skills.

Thursday Lessons (2 hr):
Jun 13, 2024: 12-2 PM EST
Jun 20, 2024: 12-2 PM EST
Jun 27, 2024: 12-2 PM EST

Monday Workshops (1 hr):
Jun 17, 2024: 12-1 PM EST
Jun 24, 2024: 12-1 PM EST
Jul 1, 2024: 12-1 PM EST

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The Science: it is the Science of Behavior. We will discuss and learn how from Skinner's and Lindsley's work generate the concepts of Frequencies, Fluency and Practice. We will put these concepts at work with plenty of drills and exercises.

The Chart: it is the Standard Celeration Chart. It is a measurement tool of Precision Teaching to make data easy to read and understand helping the teacher to make decisions about the programs and the students data-based. You'll get access to a super easy to use spreadsheet that will allow you to take data and generate a chart in seconds.

The Tagger: it is THE tool in TAGteach. We will learn how to use it when needed and how to incorporate TAGteach within the Practice for Mastery.


1. Attendees must possess a good comprehension of TAGteach. You'll get free access to our online course: Fundamentals of TAGteach so that you can learn the basics of TAGteach before starting the Precision Teaching plus TAGteach course. 

2. We will use some Excel files to help us with the task of tracking and recording the data. A general, basic knowledge of Excel is required. Don't worry, we'll give you a spreadsheet and show you how to use it.


LEarn MORE ABOUT TAGteach and Precision TEaching

Watch this free Q&A with Luca Canever and Anne Wormald BCBA M.ADS of the TAGteach Faculty

This will give you an idea of the application of TAGteach and Precision Teaching and how they might help you to take your teaching to the next level.


Please let us know that you're interested

If the class is full or not running, please join the waiting list and we'll let you know the next time the class is scheduled.


TAGteach and Precision Teaching - Powerful Synergy!

Both Precision Teaching and TAGteach have similar roots, and they are more powerful together than alone. All too often these two free operant teaching technologies are not taught to practitioners who would benefit the most from them. Put together they have a powerful synergy

TAGteach is a perfect way to teach new movements and discriminations, permitting a new learner to rapidly progress in skills through positive reinforcement and careful shaping. Precision Teaching is the best way to know if you taught something, assuring that your learner is developing the skill taught.  

Both technologies are free operant approaches. Unlike the Applied Behavior Analysis approach, which all too often employ discrete trials in their instruction, both instruments encourage the learner to do a wider range of topographies and frequencies. These options make for powerful instruction and lasting benefit to learners.

Richard McManus director of Fluency Factory

TAGteach + Precision Teaching - Most Powerful Together

Using TAGteach in combination with Precision Teaching offers me the most powerful way possible to both teach my clients new skills and to measure their progress. I have used both as my main methods of therapy and evaluation (either together or separately) for over 15 years.

Being a speech and language therapist enables me to understand how speech and language and communication develop and how and why they may break down.

Being a behaviour analyst offers me a powerful and effective teaching and reinforcement and error correction strategies.

Speech and language therapists understand how excessive language can confuse clients and make teaching them even harder. The main piece of advice we offer is generally to speak less and to think about the words used.

TAGteach and Precision Teaching used together ensure that these key principles are adhered to at all times.

Bethan Williams BCBA SLP Queen's University Belfast

What's Included in this Course?

Course Structure

The course will run for 3 weeks, with three 2-hour lessons, one every  week. 

In addition there will be a 1 hour workshop each week where you'll get a chance to practice your skills.

How mUch Does it Cost?

The course costs $275 USD

Bonus #1

You'll receive a free PDF copy of TAGteach cofounder Theresa McKeon's book: Don't Nag Tag.

Bonus #2
You'll receive 4 weeks of Full  access membership in TAGteach

Bonus #3
You'll get access to the online mini-course: Fundamentals of TAGteach. 

Bonus #4
You'll get access to the webinar TAGteach and Precision Teaching with Luca Canever and Anne Wormald

Bonus #5
You'll get a free copy of a spreadsheet for data collection and chart generation.

What Will You LEarn?

How to set up your training environment for maximum success
How to set up your training sessions to allow for effective practice
How to collect data in a way that doesn't interfere with your teaching or take a lot of time
How to use integrate TAGteach and Precision Teaching


Sharing Ideas and Working Together

The 'collaboration' of minds - sharing ideas and working together, no matter what species each specialised in - loved it

Jodie White - Dog trainer - Advanced seminar participant


Superb. All teachers, coaches, instructors and parents can seriously benefit from TAGteaching!

Tony Cruse - Dog Trainer - Live Workshop Attendee

It was Great Learning from Each Other!

A mix of people attending - it was great to learn from each other as well as from the instructor. Great videos, very clear presentation and explanation, practical examples, chances to practise and always coming back to our own priorities. I also enjoyed the presentations from others.

Rhian Thorne - Behavior Therapist - Live Workshop Attendee


Luca is a long-time member of the TAGteach Faculty. Luca holds a Bachelor’s degree In Archaeology from Padova University. He has worked across several fields: TAGteacher, school teacher, special needs school teacher, archaeologist and professional dog trainer.

His experience with TAGteach is widespread and includes; sports training (developing TAGteach procedures for Olympic Archery); writing skills, safety procedures, and management in the school classroom; teaching people to train the pets; and as the father of a wonderful son, Alessandro, he is refining TAGteach as a positive reinforcement tool in parenting.  Luca has presented many TAGteach seminars and webinars in universities, classrooms and regional events.