Level 1 TAGteach Certification

Virtual Instructor-Led Course

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We invite you to become part of the TAGteach community and earn your TAGteach Level 1 Certification from the comfort of your own home with this virtual instructor led course.

What Will You Learn?

This course will lay out the core components of the TAGteach methodology and then will provide support as you acquire the skills that have benefited so many educators around the world.

How Will This Benefit You?

With the knowledge and experience gained during this course, you’ll be able to create laser focused instructions, provide timely and informative feedback, and create a positive learning environment for you and your learners. 

Virtual Learning Environment: 

- Presented in English
- Live instructor in a virtual “classroom”
- Class recordings available for review 

Participants must attend at least 4 of the 5 “live” classroom sessions to earn certification


JAN 13, 2021 COHORT (Central European Time Zone)

Instructor: Luca Canever (TAGteach Faculty)

Classroom Thursdays: 6:30-8:30 PM CET, Jan 13 - Feb 10, 2021

Office Hour Mondays: 6:30-7:30 PM CET, Jan 17 - Feb 14, 2021

NOTE that this is Central European time (starts 12:30 PM EST)

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Instructor: Theresa McKeon (TAGteach Cofounder)

Classroom Thursdays: 6-8 PM EST, Jan 6 - Feb 10, 2022
(no class Jan 27)

Office Hour Mondays: 6-7 PM EST, Jan 10- Feb 14, 2022
(no office hours Jan 31)

NOTE that this is Eastern US time

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You can also get your Level 1 Certification through our self-study course, Introduction to TAGteach, that you can do at your own pace starting any time.  

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A Powerful and Simple Approach

The simplicity and power of this approach are remarkable. The extent to which the Founders of this movement have been able to continuously adapt, improve, and apply this simplistic approach to new and different populations and applications is stunning.

Dr Carl Binder, CEO - The Peformance Thinking Network, LLC

What's Included in this Course?

Course Structure

This is a 5-week course that requires no previous knowledge of TAGteach.

The course will run for 5 weeks, with one 2-hour virtual lesson every  week. In addition there will be 1 hour of drop-in, optional office hours each week.

Virtual Lessons with Your Instructor

Attendance at the virtual lessons is MANDATORY in order to obtain certification. There may be some leeway to miss one class, but missing more than one will disqualify you from obtaining certification. We'll do our best to accommodate you if you need to miss a class.

Each class will include:

- Lecture

- Demonstrations

- Interactive activities

- Weekly review activities

Office Hours will include:

- Review of course activities

- Q&A opportunities

- Building community and connections with classmates

This is a 1 hour session once a week where you can get extra help and ask questions. Attendance at office hours is encouraged but not mandatory.

TAGteach Helped My Child to Thrive

Something that has helped my little girl walk, when others said she never would…Something that has helped my little girl engage with her environment, one she hardly used to take notice of…How do you explain the feeling of sheer joy as your little girl’s sensory meltdown turns into laughs and giggles before your very eyes? There are no words. TAGteach is our family’s champion.

Sean Pogson, Parent of a Child with Autism

How mUch Does it Cost?

The course costs $400

This cost of the this course is the same as the price of our live Level 1 Workshop and includes the certification assessment fee.

Bonus #1

You'll receive a free PDF copy of Theresa's book: Don't Nag Tag.

Bonus #2

You'll receive 3 free months of Full membership in TAGteach (or skip 3 payments if you're already a full member) once you earn your Level 1 certification.

Students Win!

Having stripped away the instructional noise, McKeon hands us the sharpest essentials to teach kindly and effectively. With these strategies, students win.

Susan G Friedman, PhD Utah State University and Behavior+Works

What Will You LEarn?

How to motivate and teach your learner in a way that gives them a choice and a partnership in the learning process
How use the basic TAGteach tools
How to break behavior goals into small manageable pieces
How to reduce your language to give clear instructions to your learner
How to apply the TAGteach WOOF protocol
How to create a tag point
How to use TAGteach phrasing

Effective Instruction

Wow! You have succeeded in getting people to minimize and control verbal instruction more effectively than anyone I know!

Bethan Mair Williams, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist,

BCBA, Chair Founder of Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy


Level 1 TAGteach Certification

You'll earn your Level 1 TAGteach certification by completing this course.

As a Level 1 TAGteacher you may refer to yourself as a TAGteacher and may use TAGteach (and call it such) with your clients. You may use the the certification badge at your wesbsite and in your printed marketing materials as long as you remain a member in good standing.

You may participate in free educational sessions to help spread the word about TAGteach. For example, Lunch and Learn or local Chamber of Commerce breakfast meetings. Please contact us and we will provide PowerPoint and videos for such presentations.

You may not hold training sessions in person or online to instruct others on the application of TAGteach. The TAGteach name is a registered trademark and you may not use it in any commercial applications (lectures, webinars, publications etc).

Higher Levels of Certification

To obtain higher levels of certification there are additional requirements. 

Click here for more information on TAGteach certification

Promotes Human Welfare

B.F. Skinner believed that his science would promote human welfare. TAGteach exemplifies this belief and would have pleased him immensely.

Julie S. Vargas, PhD,President, B.F. Skinner Foundation

Author of Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching