Join Luca Canever for a fascinating interview with Bethan Mair Williams. Bethan is a TAGteacher, Speech and Language Pathologist, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Precision Teacher. Learn how she's making a difference using her unique skill set.

This will be in English, translated into Italian.

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About Tag Points

TAGteach Terms

The Tag Point WOOF Rules

The tag point is the behavior that will earn a tag when performed correctly. This is usually a very small part of the overall learning goal. Tag points must meet the following criteria:

What to do (tells the learner what TO do as opposed to what NOT to do)

One thing (only a single criteria can be in a tag point)


Five words or less

The Tag Point Phrasing Rules

1. Phrase tag points starting with the phrase: The tag point is...

2. Use objective phrasing

The instructions are...

The tag point is...

The tag point is...  

My turn to tag

Your turn to tag

Now I want you to...

Your next tag point is...

I will tag you if you...

I will tag you

Now you tag me

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