TAGteach started with sports. From this area it has spread, over the years, in many different areas of human education. BJ Mumford is basketball coach and experienced TAGteacher. He will share with us his innovative ideas in using TAGteach for sports, including skills and decision-making.

This will be in English, translated into Italian.

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About Tag Points

TAGteach Terms

The Tag Point WOOF Rules

The tag point is the behavior that will earn a tag when performed correctly. This is usually a very small part of the overall learning goal. Tag points must meet the following criteria:

What to do (tells the learner what TO do as opposed to what NOT to do)

One thing (only a single criteria can be in a tag point)


Five words or less

The Tag Point Phrasing Rules

1. Phrase tag points starting with the phrase: The tag point is...

2. Use objective phrasing

The instructions are...

The tag point is...

The tag point is...  

My turn to tag

Your turn to tag

Now I want you to...

Your next tag point is...

I will tag you if you...

I will tag you

Now you tag me

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